Jodi Antonelli – Expat living in Cinque Terre

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Jodi Antonelli

Finding your heritage…

A little background on how and why I moved to Vernazza, Italy…

I was born in California and lived in Southern California for 45 years. Since 1995, after my first visit to Italy, I had a dream to one day live in Italy. I came to visit every year after and fell in love with Italy more each year. In 2005, while visiting Italy, I had a “chance meeting” with a long lost friend from grade school. She had recently moved to Italy and I was intrigued. On a subsequent visit, she explained that she had Italian heritage and obtained her Italian citizenship by descent. Our family history was very similar. I also have Italian heritage. With her guidance and help from a family member to obtain all the documents of my family history, I was eligible to apply for Italian citizenship.

In April 2010, I moved to Italy with my two Labradors to follow my dream. Yes, this is quite a change of pace. I left my career of 25 years in the Promotional Products Industry in the United States. “Is it scary?, What will you do? , Why did you move?”…. These are all questions I am asked daily. The short answer is, “Life is too short and I wanted to live a life worth living”. The long answer is, “Losing my parents and challenges with the economy made me realize that the ‘stuff’ isn’t what’s important. Being happy is what is important… taking this opportunity to live my dream has freed my spirit and my passion again”.

On May 7, 2010 I received my citizenship for Italy. Now I am happy to say I have dual citizenship, United States & Italy.

After having many Americans ask if I can help them to find their documents for their citizenship, I started  Now I am helping to find documents for people who have the interest in becoming an Italian citizen based on their heritage!